Vintage Benchrest is a blast from the past and a blast to compete in. Our desire is to return competitive shooting back to its roots. There is a growing trend across the country for competitive shooting sports that are fun and affordable. This is the right shooting sport at the right time. Low match fees, low gun prices and low ammo prices add to the attractiveness.

Introducing the New Match Directors

It is with great pleasure that Glenn Hachey and Bruce Andrews, the outgoing Match Directors, hand Vintage Benchrest over to the new Match Directors. Vintage Benchrest has been our baby and a labor of love for six years. The new Match Directors have been active participants and supporters of Vintage Benchrest for many years.

Shane Seals and Joe DeCiechi


Shane’s Bio and Contact Information:

Shane Seals
Married Wife Lisa , Daughter Jennifer Kyle
Maintenance Machinist
Police Officer retired
Owner Josephville Gun Shop
Hobbies- Cars, Guns, Golf
Shooting Activities- Vintage Benchrest since its start, Rimfire Silhouette 15yrs, IDPA and IPSC Pistol, Indoor Air Rifle in the Winter months
Phone number

Joe’s Bio and E-Mail

I am a retired high school marketing teacher, so I have plenty of free time to help with the matches. 
Some of my other interests are rimfire silhouette, golf, fishing and duck hunting. 
The following are the three main reasons why I decided to volunteer as a match director. 
1.  It is a nice group of people who shoot in the matches.  They are friendly and willing to help new shooters. 
2.  Shane Seals is the other match director and he knows a lot more about guns and shooting than I do. 
3.  Glenn Hatchey and Bruce Andrews (the former match directors) did a great job of developing and running these matches.  I hope to continue to run friendly matches that encourage more shooters to try the sport. 

Outgoing Match directors

Your “outgoing” Match Directors cutting up and having fun as usual, as they award Shane Seals the 2014 Sporter Bolt Season Champion award.

There will be no rule changes this year and the ammo will remain unlimited as it was last year. Enjoy the season!