And now some questions and comments from a new shooter "For me at the moment I am just competing against myself which has been challenging and even rather expensive even though I am doing everything on the cheap, the best I can but still buy quality items that will help me hone my skills.

Lately my goals have been .25" consistent target averages, And I am getting there slowly as I am on the low .4's But did squeak out that .305" 8 target average and i was ecstatic.
Second goal is 225 on the 25x targets and the 215 x6 surprised the heck out of me being the day was so miserably hot and i shot sloppily.

Since I had you read all this! I will ask a question or 2 while I am at it.

In competition and on the 25x target from my thread what is an average score and what are most beginners scores?

Also do you think its a little too lofty to want .25" group averages with the equipment I am working with?

Last but not least what do rifle you shoot, rests, And ammo do you use?

Maybe one more, If i was to get into competition say next year what is the usual routine to get started with a club or group who host these shoots?

Average of costs? Im just asking in case i ever get to the point i feel confident and would like to shoot with like minded people. But i think it may be way over my head money wise.

Thank you for your time, And if you prefer to speak over the phone instead of pm's let me know and ill try and accommodate that.

Some answers for you and other new shooters. Please read the posted excerpts from "PRECISIONS SHOOTING"and the linked PDF file link as far as the potential of rimfire ammo and ammo.

Article from Precision Shooting cited below:


Very interesting article about the limits of ammo accuracy.

Yes, a quarter of an inch average is probably not realistic. The shooter's gun is a CZ Ultra Lux with factory stock. Soon to be restocked. Ammo is weight sorted Wolf Match Target. Our whole Barnyard Target is built on the premise of consistent 1/2-inch accuracy. Wes nails it in his article. "A sporter that shoots inside a half inch at fifty yards with regularity is a treasure to keep and brag about."

Then there are those internet groups...

This posted in sarcasm on Benchrest Central by a well known shooter.

"Great shooter on another forum"

"On the 24HR Campfire forum we have a fellow that shoots 3/8"-1/2" groups with his CZ452 and a 3x9 scope. Bear in mind that he is using bulk ammo, laying the rifle across his hood, and shooting 100yds. Man, with good ammo and so on, you guys wouldn't have a chance."

To answer the question about a Sporter gun on a RBA target. One of our shooters shot a 239-11X and a 241-9X first time out with a borrowed Savage MK II. Still quite a feat there Neil.