Bench Rest Club of St. Louis
A Premier shooting facility.

Benchrest Central
An excellent forum and source of information. Their Rimfire forum is excellent.

Champion’s Choice
Full Line of Shooting Supplies & Equipment

Champion Shooters Supply
Specializing in competitive shooting equipment and accessories; ISU, NRA, smallbore, highpower, air gun, benchrest, silhouette, pistol, rifle.

Quality hunting and sporting firearms and accessories.

Killough Shooting Sports
Best Weaver T-36 Prices in the country, better than dealer’s wholesale in many cases. Dan also carries Ivy Rods by Denny Phillips.
Open discussions to help the hunters, plinkers, target, benchrest shooters and the hobbyist, and to make friends on the way to further our sport.

Sinclair International
Specializes in products designed for precision rifle ammunition reloading and shooting.

The Barrel Man
Shilen Barrels at reduced prices

Caters to precision rifle shooters and benchrest shooters of all calibers.

20-20 Concepts
The PatchWorm is a safest bore cleaner made for handguns and rifles where a bore guide cannot be easily used. Made entirely of nylon, it cannot harm the bore or muzzle crown if used properly (see website for instructions). The PatchWorm will pull a tight cotton patch through any barrel. Optional felt cleaning buttons are available for heavy fouling. Works great for Ruger 10/22’s.